Thursday, 12 April 2012

Can I love you???

Can I love you?

Excited to meet you many times..
Cried to part many times..
I believed love is painful and doesn't last forever...
There's always an end for love..
I made you saying words that I didn't mean...
I hurt you like a fool..
Now I know, I can't live without you..
Even though I don't deserve you..
Can I love you?
Can I hold you?
It's not a waste to give you everything I have..
I realized it is love for the first time..
You are the one I love more than myself..
Now I don't want to lose you..
Now I don't think I can love someone else..
All those tears I shed through pain..
That is a practice for seeing you..
I want to love you..
I want to hold you..
I am reborn after meeting you..
Even though life is hard and the world lies to me..
I will watch over you..
I love you..

p/s: hope you know that I love you..